Castleton State College


The Department of Music offers a Bachelor of Music in Music Education (BM.EDU) and a Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA.MUS). Music Education majors are prepared for pre-K – 12 vocal and instrumental certification.



Johnson State College


The Fine and Performing Arts Department is home to some of Johnson State College’s most exciting and innovative programs. From visual arts exhibitions to musical, dance or theatrical performance, fine and performing arts students and faculty explore the possibilities of creative expression every day.

Students also benefit from access the state-of-the-art Dibden Center for the Arts and the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, cultural centers for the campus as well as the surrounding communities.


Instrumentalists for Opus 25, Print Program and Video Link


Chris Rivers, Jason Whitcomb, trumpet
Joy Worland, French horn
Lori Salimando-Porter, trombone
Bill Keck, tuba
Marc Whitman, Evan Peltier, percussion
David Feurzeig, piano

Betsy Nolan, Matt Podd, vocalists

Zach Sheets conductor – Ballad for Brass and Percussion

and Burning Seasons into Dust

View or download a copy of the Opus 25 print program

View the full length concert video with selected student interviews