Fairy Tale

Tyler Silbey and Luke Cuerdon

Grade 6, The Grammar School, Putney VT

Fairy Tale is a playful piece for glockenspiel and xylophone. We named it Fairy Tale because it’s one of our favorite manga book series. It’s also called Fairy Tale because we think the music tells a story. We were interested in percussion, because we’re both percussionists and we explored drums and the other brass instruments and decided that we liked glockenspiel and xylophone best.”

Fairy Tale.mp3


Chasing Squirrels

Molly During
Grade 6, The Grammar School, Putney, VT

“I wanted this song to be happy and kind of lively for trumpet, French horn and xylophone in C major. I named it Chasing Squirrels because the xylophone seems to be the squirrels chasing each other to get food. I made it faster to sound more like the squirrels. I thought about the squirrels I see at the end of my road. There are three of them that always seem to be chasing each other.”