Summer Fanfare

Ethan Foster and Robin McOwen
Grade 6, The Grammar School, Putney VT
“The piece is a trumpet and trombone duet. We chose the Key of C major because we wanted it to be a happy, energetic piece. We like the marching band feel with the trumpet and trombone. We open the piece with a four measure motif played as a solo by the trumpet and then in harmony with  the trombone.”

Summer Fanfare.mp3


Duet for Trumpets

Anne Sutton
Grade 10, Burlington High School

Duet for Trumpets was written by Anne Sutton, a 10th grader from Burlington High School. Anne writes, “I don’t play a brass instrument, so I thought it would be fun and interesting to write a duet for instruments I knew little about. Throughout the piece, the melody alternates between the two trumpets because I believe pieces are much more exciting to play and to listen to if both parts are relatively equal.”


Duet for Trumpets.mp3