Verdant Gales

David Morgan
Grade 12, Harwood Union High School

“The title, Verdant Gales, refers to a storm that occurred this spring. Heavy winds and rain  shook vast quantities of pollen and other green particles and whirled them through the air, creating strange green gusts in the open air. This piece was inspired by that storm and it’s changing patterns of color.”

Verdent Gales.mp3



Justus Gaston
Grade 12, Enosburg Falls Middle High School

“I never really had an idea for what I wanted my piece to sound like before I started composing.  As the piece evolved, I found that it had several different themes beings laid back at times, and more driving in other sections.”



Giovanni Tabor
Grade 11, Burlington High School

“This is a piano song I have been working on. This is one of the first piano solos I’ve written since I was in 6th grade. The song is supposed to be kind of dark, but have some contrasting moments. It is mostly in the F clef, but there is a treble part that comes throughout the song. The song is in A minor with a time signature of 6:8 but briefly enters 8:8 time at the end of some phrases.”



Daelan Roosa
Grade 6, Barnet School

“Waterfall a piece that I wrote to evoke the sound of a waterfall. The first part is kind of like water tumbling over a waterfall, creating a rhythmic drumming sound. In the second part I try to create the same image but slightly differently. The third part is my attempt to recreate the feeling you get when you are standing near a really big waterfall in the middle of winter and the sun is shining through the frozen spray on the trees. I used the pedal to replicate what it might sound like if you turned icicles into a set of chimes.”


In the Shadow

Nicole Kish
Grade 11, Hazen Union High School

“ From prior experience, I never liked how the first instrument would usually get the melody while the second instrument got the harmony. I decided to make it fair and have the trumpets switch. That way they can both play the melody while those listening can hear a reprise of the melody with a different harmony. I feel the story of the piece is that there are two trumpets trying to best each other but end up finding that no matter who has the melody, they still sound great together.”

In the Shadow.mp3

Pux Flavilion

George Shaw, Henry Severance, William Sutton

Grade 8, Edmunds Middle School

“The piece starts off with a light, bouncy melody in the beginning which  leads into a quick paced and repetitive melody that continues through the A section.  The B section features a sequence of notes that move up the scale in a pattern of thirds and eventually leads back into the melody. The final bars move into a minor key and ends with a sorrowful chord.  We hope this piece will have an emotional feeling for you.”

Pux Flavilion.mp3