Successful Week and now Reflections …

The annual Music and Multimedia Summer Institute wrapped up on Friday afternoon with our whole group sharing session. Each class highlighted a few projects by participants to showcase the variety of work accomplished during the week. It was evident there was tons of time put into various projects and lots of learning by all.

In spite of the 98 degree record heat in Burlington that day, we all kept our cool in the air-conditioned classrooms of Joyce Learning Center at Champlain College. The view from our classroom windows of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains is stunning. It brings me a sense of calm as I gaze at the breathtaking beauty of our corner of the world. The week was exhilarating and full of discoveries. I appreciate spending this annual face-to-face time with music educators who want to expand their view and skills as they create memorable experiences for students.

Post reflections and continuations of projects in this week’s section.


Instrumentalists for Opus 25, Print Program and Video Link


Chris Rivers, Jason Whitcomb, trumpet
Joy Worland, French horn
Lori Salimando-Porter, trombone
Bill Keck, tuba
Marc Whitman, Evan Peltier, percussion
David Feurzeig, piano

Betsy Nolan, Matt Podd, vocalists

Zach Sheets conductor – Ballad for Brass and Percussion

and Burning Seasons into Dust

View or download a copy of the Opus 25 print program

View the full length concert video with selected student interviews

Ballad for Brass and Percussion

NathanNathan Chan
Grade 11, U32 High School

“This Ballad for Brass and Percussion can be imagined as the soundtrack to a delusional fantasy. The piece depicts a moment that is greatly coveted but can never truly happen. The theme of the piece was arranged many times for a few different ensembles, and will likely make a return as a choral piece, as was originally intended. Influences of the sound include pop and theatrical music. There is no specific image associated with the melody, but attention should be given to how it adapts, which should allow a listener to synthesize a delusion of their own.”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download

Ballad for Brass and Percussion

Rats and Bats and Violet Eyes

CeceCecelia Daigle
Grade 12, Harwood Union High School

Rats and Bats and Violet Eyes began as a “rough sketch of something that may one day be a decent piano piece.” Now it’s a solid brass quintet in honor of a favorite literary character of mine. Within the fantastical world of the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins, there are giant rats, bats, and all the people have violet eyes. A rat named Ripred has a warm, kind heart deep, deep down, but is known for his unparalleled fighting skills and sarcastic, yet astute sense of humor, so it is to him that I dedicate this brazen ditty”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download

Rats and Bats and Violet Eyes


CarrieVAblackandwhiteCarrie Gudenkauf
Grade 12, George Mason High School, VA

“As I’ve always been an avid whistler, I came up with a melody for the A section relatively quickly while whistling fragments of melodic phrases to myself. From there, however, I didn’t know what structure to give my piece. After letting the piece sit for about a week, I decided to mimic the rondo structure of a Mozart piece I had recently revisited. This structure allowed me to both compose in a minor key (I have an easier time composing in minor) and reuse the melody of the A section I had already created. Finally as this is the first piece that I’ve written, I felt the most comfortable writing it for the instrument I know best: the piano.”

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