Opus 27 – “The composers were great and the musicians were fantastic.”

An audience member wrote, ” We thoroughly enjoyed all the performances. The composers were great and the musicians  were fantastic.”

Opus 27 was held at Elley-Long Music Center at Saint Michael’s College on Monday, Opus27_wholegroupJanuary 6th. Fifty-one students posted works-in-progress to the online mentoring site during the fall for feedback from our composer mentors. Twenty-one works were selected as “best for live performance”. At Opus 27, each student had the opportunity to discuss their work with the musicians in rehearsal. Students were supported at the rehearsals by the professional composers and/or their teacher.

Professional Performers for Opus 27:
Inora Brass
Chris Rivers and Jason Whitcomb, trumpet
Joy Worland, French horn
Lori Salimando Porter, trombone      Bill Keck, tuba

David Feurzeig and Matt Podd, piano
Nicola Cannizzaro and Andrew Gagnon, percussion

Grace Chris and Stefanie Weigand, Soprano
Sarah Kervin, alto    Erik Nielsen, tenor   Eric Brooks, baritone

Thanks to all our professionals, students, teachers and parents. Continue below for audio files, photos and the student description of each work. Access the print program here.


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