Ivan Voinov
Grade 12, ISS, Vermont CommonsIvanVoinov

“THIS IS PRONOUNCED: “wha-hal-gei-AH-tin” One will try to read “Whahalgeahtn” and think – this guy is crazy, naming his piece in way that no one can even pronounce, what does “Whahalgeahtn” even mean? In all honesty, I came up with the word by banging on my computer keyboard. But it has stuck, and I really like it now. I even came up with a meaning to it, a philosophical meaning, too. “Whahalgeahtn, noun: organized chaos, systematic confusion, simplistic complexity, and creative contradiction.”

The piece is a direct translation of the meaning, with different parts of the composition portraying the different meanings. In this short number, I present to you Whahalgeahtn, or, a short excursion through my head. Don’t get too lost in the winding pathways through ancient forests of bronze trees and seemingly endless tunnels with walls of clockwork diamonds, for you risk getting stuck, and unfortunately, time, being our one trusted guide who always tells, will not stop and wait for you… ”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download



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