The Windy Day

Katy Buckley
Grade 5, Ludlow ElementaryKatyBuckley

“My piece, The Windy Day, is played by clarinet. The Windy  Day is 33 measures. The part I like most is measures 15 to 18 because the melody descends and ascends. I took some parts of my first few measures to create my ending and then I put a ritardando on the last 2 measures of my piece. My tempo changes by 10’s, it goes fron 90 to 120 within 7 measures. My tempo also starts to change at measure 23 where it goes down by 10s from 130 to 90 and back up a little. I also like the way my melody descends and ascends sometimes.”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download

The Windy Day


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