Shade My Feet Shine My Way

Niko’a Stardance Salas
Grade 12, VYOA, Mt. Abraham UHSNiko'aSalas

“Shade my Feet Shine my Way is a very interesting piece of music I am actually very proud of. I decided to use some very beautiful instruments to express an abstract story that became clearer and clearer to me as I continued to work on this piece. Shade my Feet Shine my Way is one creative interpretation of a ballerina making her way to the afterlife. When writing this piece, I saw this ballerina, blindly dancing through a dark storage area filled with untouched objects. Moving with grace, she avoids obstacles all around her as she dances along, desperately looking for the door to the next life. In the ceiling of the storage area, little cracks shine weight light, but these cracks are not enough to help the ballerina find her destination. My vision in this song is that this ballerina has moved on from our world and the storage area that she is dancing through is limbo. The ballerina believes the objects in the storage area are there to harm her and struggles with fear that she will not find a way out, and it isn’t until she realizes that she stray from the small cracks of light and embrace the darkness, only then will her eyes adjust and she will be able to find her way out. Only after you embrace your fear will you rest.”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download

Shade My Feet Shine My Way


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