Insidious Whisperings

Daelan Roosa
Grade 7, Barnet SchoolDaelanRoosa

“Insidious Whisperings is a piece I wrote as an analogy for the struggle against what we consider evil. It starts slow and tense, like the calm before a storm. This is a bass line slowly joined by the other instruments. The bass line shifts the violin as the clouds of war are gathered, and the tension builds. Suddenly the scene erupts into a titanic clash of arms as the two sides strive against each other, the tension shattering like a glass rod. The conflict is quick, but has long reaching impact. Afterwards there is a period of mourning as the victorious grieve for their fallen comrades. However, the victors move on, and hold celebrations, feasts in honor of their battlefield prowess. But evil doesn’t simply disappear. You may notice that the celebration sounds eerily familiar, and it is. It is almost exactly the gathering of darkness, just sped up and played with a different feeling.”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download

Insidious Whisperings


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