Susie Francy
Grade 9, Leland and Gray High SchoolSusieFrancy

“This multi-movement piece represents the life of a child until adolescence (these movements are not separated specifically, but blend together smoothly like the transition to different stages of life). It begins pure and beautiful, symbolizing the infancy of this child. The second movement starts out simple, adding more parts as his life becomes more stimulating. From here, he transitions from a happy, healthy child to a teenager hanging out with the wrong crowd. Eventually, he spends all his time with this crowd, and metamorphoses from a cute little kid to a teenager living a suspicious life. He fights desperately to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, yet this light eventually fades, and his fate is sealed.”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download

The Child


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