Ben Pennell
Grade 11, Springfield High School

“ I wanted a dissonant, unsettling feel with a slow moving feel in the middle of the piece. I based this piece around the Tcherepnin scale, which is based on Major and minor triads. I chose a string quartet because of the tone and overall sound. Strings sometimes have a raspy quality to them, and they can hold notes longer than a wind one. The sound of a dissonant chord being held by two violins has a creeping, disturbing feeling to it. The cello has a great sound for walking up and down the chords and scales. The viola is a great instrument for filling in the gaps between violin and cello because of its range. The combined sound and tone of the string quartet lends an eerie, uncomfortable feeling when partnered with the right dissonance and rhythm.”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download




One thought on “Haunted

  1. Congratulations on having written such an engaging piece! You wrote very well for the string quartet, and I’m so happy you got to hear your piece performed by professionals. Your work effectively capitalizes on the quartet’s sense of intonation that gives rise to its palette of diverse tone colors! Excellent work!

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