Orange and Pink

Claire Thomas
Grade 8, Dummerston School

Claire discusses her piece with Steve Klimowski, clarinet, while other students observe

“This is a piece in C minor, which modulates into E major. I named it Orange and Pink because those are the two main colors I hear in it. The A section is orange, and the B section is a sweeter pink. This piece is in A-B-A-Coda form, with variations on the A section the second time. It’s for flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon, and it’s written in 4/4 time. The A section is fast, with many sixteenth notes in the melody, particularly towards the end. Even the other parts have mainly eighth and quarter notes. The B section is slower, containing mainly quarter notes in the melody and half/whole notes in the other parts.  The Coda is fast.  Enjoy!”

to download mp3 file, right click (PC) or control+click (Mac) on link below; save or download

Orange and Pink.mp3


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